Saturday, March 14, 2009

Technique: Pocket Card

I just love these little pocket cards. They are made using 1 sheet of dsp (designer series paper) double sided.
The color was a little off on the first card but it shows the 2 pockets which I put cards with tabs in so you can pull them out. I have one with several tabs, decorated with a Christmas Theme and it has several sections: Cards Sent and Received (with the names of the people I sent cards to and the names of people I have received cards from so I can be sure to send them a card if they were not on my list); Holiday Gift List: With all my kids and grand kids I sure don't want to leave someone out so I list everyone I need to get a gift for and mark my list when I have purchased their gift. I have a separate page for each person so this is actually a little tiny mini folder; Holiday Grocery List: The special things you have to get during this time of year to make the home made fudge, special dips, special side dishes. When you get ready to go to the store, just grab this list and take it with you.
I made one for my Husband for his birthday with 2 separate cards, one in each of the pockets of things I love about him.
Now, you come up with your own reason to make this cute little pocket card.
If you need directions or a tutorial, let me know and I will publish one with pictures for each step. Or, if you are in the Colorado Springs Area, email me and we will set up a time for your own class to make this cute card.
Think about: Mother's day or Easter and put little silk flowers in the back pocket and your own little personal note in the front pocket.

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