Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4x5 Formica Altered Discontinued Sample

This is one of the 4x5 Formica Samples that has already been sold. The frame is a 5x7 Antique Frame that I found.
I layered the back with a Hunter green 5x7 card stock then attached the formica sample to it in the middle. This actually gave it great deminsion that is illusive in the photo.
The sentiment is: "Dreams come a size to give we we can grow into them" It is layered with 4 layers of coordinating card stock using deminsionals then wrapped in gold cord.
The roses are actually part of the discontinued scrapbook paper I found. There is an SU rub on over the lower right corner that says: "Dream - love - imagine - smile"
The ribbon is chocolate and the pin in the ribbon is actually a quilters straight pin that had a yellow plastic head on it. When you heat the plastic with the embossing heat tool until it starts to get dull, dip it in embossing powder, repeat about 3 times. The third time the embossing powder is almost a liquid. quickly roll it around between your fingers holding it straight up and it becomes a tear drop in the color of the embossing powder.
It looks really cool in Silver, Copper, Gold, and looks like pewter in a half and half mixture of gold and silver. I then added some random beads and glued them to the pin, then stuck the pin in the knot of the bow.

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