Thursday, March 12, 2009

4x5 Formica Altered Discontinued Sample

This sample was made on a 4x5 discontinued Formica sample by applying the discontinued scrapbook scrap to the back using a glue stick. the little Cherub was from a little piece of scrapbook scrap and attached to a small key chain size formica sample. I love using these samples because they really create deminsion to the project.
The straight pin is a quilting yellow head pin that I headed, dipped in embossing powder, re-heated and re-dipped (3 times) The third time it is pretty liquid so immediately hold it upright between your fingers rolling it back and forth and blowing very gently to cool it. It becomes a tear drop shape in gold, silver, black, or what ever color of embossing powder you used.
I then added some beads and stuck it in the knot of the bow.

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