Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I think I will go crazy.
Last Friday a friend came over, I can't say a name because she called in sick to work, and we went through all my retired stamps so I could sell them.
My MileHigh 'support' group is having a Craft Fair and Bazaar on May 9 and I am taking a lot of other things I have made to sell there. Others are having 'make-n-takes' drawings galore, other vendors with things to demonstrate and sell and others to demonstrate new techniques. It will be tons of fun!
Anyway, on Monday I got a wild and crazy idea and decided to post my stamp sets on SCS to see what happens. If they sell, then I don't have to lug them to the Bazaar, which is in Denver.
I spent the rest of the day sorting out the who wants what and in what order and sold a lot!
Thanks SCS! Now, I will have to go back through my 'stash' and see if there are any others I want to get rid of.
In the midst of all this the Sheetrock guy came to finish the 'flooded' room in the basement. He found mold and mildew so we had to have that treated and removed. Yesterday another guy came and finished up the sheet rock and taping and mudding and everything else they do to walls to get them ready for the texture.
Today he will texture, then we will be ready for the paint and hopefully I will get my basement back.
With 3 very unrelated and totally weird reasons for floods last year alone, I have had it with water. The next time I am leaving the water and telling everyone I have a swimming pool in my basement and to come over to take a swim and leaving it there.
well, maybe not

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