Monday, December 21, 2009

NEW Clear Mount Stamps! You won't want to miss this new Mini coming out January 5 2010

First.. When you receive your new Clear Mount Stamps the come in a case about the size of a normal DVD case.  They have the name of the stamp set on the side, or spine, as well as a picture of each stamp.  The space you will save will be much appreciated!!!
The rubber part of the stamps will come exactly as you have always received them.  What makes them a little different is that the label you normally get to put on the outside of the wood now will mount on top of the rubber.

The labels come on their own sheet, as before, however they are double sided.  If you look carefully you will see that there is a little slip right down the middle of the image.  This is your crucial piece.

You will remove the backing from your matching rubber stamp piece.. as you used to do. It looks and feels just like your normal stamps do when you are ready to attach them to your wood mount blocks.

Because I like having the label that I can see through the clear mount - my next step is to take my rubber stamp - I hold it by the edges - and then place it in the middle of the space I cleared on my page  You will notice that the space that was left when you removed the left and right pieces to expose the sentiment is exactly the right size of the piece of rubber for the matching stamp..... clever, hey!!!

Now... take the stamp - turn it sto the stamping surface is face up and check against the stamp that you have exposed.... just to make sure that you are matching your stamps correctly... :-)

Still holding the stamp - not touching the sticky side - you can position the stamp over the label and place down onto the exposed label. Press firmly for about 3-4 seconds and then carefully pull up the stamp. VOILA.... the label is attached to the back of the rubber.

If you have a little remaining plastic over the edge of the rubber stamp, you can trim it with a pair of paper snips.

Some people have said that they find the stamps stick better to the clear mount blocks when you don't put the label on, and they have decided not to adhere the label to the back of the rubber. For me.... I find that if I put my stamp onto my clear mount and gently apply pressure for about several seconds then my stamp sticks beautifully to my clear mount block.

When you store the stamps in the DVD case they will now stick to the case! So no sliding around - stuck firmly in their place! 

To clean your new clear mount stamps you can spray stampin' mist directly on the stamp while it is still on the clear block and GENTLY rub on the Stampin' scrub (your washer and dryer).  You can also spray and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel if you prefer.  You will want to be careful that you don't get StazOn remover or the wet baby wipes on the backing label as they can leave an oily residue and it will eventually be harder to stick them to your acrylic blocks.

I will be demonstrating these at the Open House in January.. Watch my SU website for the date and call in your reservation as soon as it is posted so there will be room.

Other items of interest:  We also have a NEW punch design and some new punches coming out in the new mini catalog!

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